Advanced TCP traffic generator
flow Struct Reference

#include <daemon.h>

Data Structures

struct  statistics

Data Fields

struct sockaddr * addr
socklen_t addr_len
unsigned congestion_counter
char connect_called
unsigned current_block_bytes_read
unsigned current_block_bytes_written
unsigned current_read_block_size
unsigned current_write_block_size
enum endpoint_t endpoint
char * error
int fd
char finished [2]
struct timespec first_report_time
int id
struct timespec last_block_read
struct timespec last_block_written
struct timespec last_report_time
int listenfd_data
struct timespec next_report_time
struct timespec next_write_block_timestamp
struct pcap_dumper_t * pcap_dumper
struct pcap_t * pcap_handle
pthread_t pcap_thread
int pmtu
gsl_rng * r
char * read_block
unsigned real_listen_receive_buffer_size
unsigned real_listen_send_buffer_size
unsigned short requested_server_test_port
struct flow_settings settings
struct flow_source_settings source_settings
struct timespec start_timestamp [2]
enum flow_state_t state
struct flow::statistics statistics [2]
struct timespec stop_timestamp [2]
char * write_block

Detailed Description

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Field Documentation

struct sockaddr* flow::addr

Definition at line 119 of file daemon.h.

socklen_t flow::addr_len

Definition at line 120 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::congestion_counter

Definition at line 116 of file daemon.h.

char flow::connect_called

Definition at line 111 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::current_block_bytes_read

Definition at line 103 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::current_block_bytes_written

Definition at line 104 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::current_read_block_size

Definition at line 101 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::current_write_block_size

Definition at line 100 of file daemon.h.

enum endpoint_t flow::endpoint

Definition at line 78 of file daemon.h.

char* flow::error

Definition at line 170 of file daemon.h.

int flow::fd

Definition at line 80 of file daemon.h.

char flow::finished[2]

Definition at line 112 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::first_report_time

Definition at line 91 of file daemon.h.

int flow::id

Definition at line 75 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::last_block_read

Definition at line 88 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::last_block_written

Definition at line 89 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::last_report_time

Definition at line 92 of file daemon.h.

int flow::listenfd_data

Definition at line 81 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::next_report_time

Definition at line 93 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::next_write_block_timestamp

Definition at line 95 of file daemon.h.

struct pcap_dumper_t* flow::pcap_dumper

Definition at line 163 of file daemon.h.

struct pcap_t* flow::pcap_handle

Definition at line 162 of file daemon.h.

pthread_t flow::pcap_thread

Definition at line 161 of file daemon.h.

int flow::pmtu

Definition at line 114 of file daemon.h.

gsl_rng* flow::r

Definition at line 167 of file daemon.h.

char* flow::read_block

Definition at line 97 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::real_listen_receive_buffer_size

Definition at line 109 of file daemon.h.

unsigned flow::real_listen_send_buffer_size

Definition at line 108 of file daemon.h.

unsigned short flow::requested_server_test_port

Definition at line 106 of file daemon.h.

struct flow_settings flow::settings

Definition at line 83 of file daemon.h.

struct flow_source_settings flow::source_settings

Definition at line 84 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::start_timestamp[2]

Definition at line 86 of file daemon.h.

enum flow_state_t flow::state

Definition at line 77 of file daemon.h.

struct timespec flow::stop_timestamp[2]

Definition at line 87 of file daemon.h.

char* flow::write_block

Definition at line 98 of file daemon.h.

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