Advanced TCP traffic generator
controller_options Struct Reference

Controller options. More...

#include <flowgrind.h>

Data Fields

bool clobber
 Overwrite existing log files (option -o). More...
const char * dump_prefix
 Prefix for dumpfile (option -e). More...
enum tcp_stack_t force_unit
 Force kernel output to specific unit (option -s). More...
bool log_to_file
 Write output to logfile (option -w). More...
bool log_to_stdout
 Write output to screen (option -q). More...
bool mbyte
 Report in MByte/s instead of MBit/s (option -m). More...
unsigned short num_flows
 Number of test flows (option -n). More...
double reporting_interval
 Length of reporting interval, in seconds (option -i). More...
bool symbolic
 Don't use symbolic values instead of number (option -p). More...

Detailed Description

Controller options.

Definition at line 178 of file flowgrind.h.

Field Documentation

bool controller_options::clobber

Overwrite existing log files (option -o).

Definition at line 190 of file flowgrind.h.

const char* controller_options::dump_prefix

Prefix for dumpfile (option -e).

Definition at line 188 of file flowgrind.h.

enum tcp_stack_t controller_options::force_unit

Force kernel output to specific unit (option -s).

Definition at line 196 of file flowgrind.h.

bool controller_options::log_to_file

Write output to logfile (option -w).

Definition at line 186 of file flowgrind.h.

bool controller_options::log_to_stdout

Write output to screen (option -q).

Definition at line 184 of file flowgrind.h.

bool controller_options::mbyte

Report in MByte/s instead of MBit/s (option -m).

Definition at line 192 of file flowgrind.h.

unsigned short controller_options::num_flows

Number of test flows (option -n).

Definition at line 180 of file flowgrind.h.

double controller_options::reporting_interval

Length of reporting interval, in seconds (option -i).

Definition at line 182 of file flowgrind.h.

bool controller_options::symbolic

Don't use symbolic values instead of number (option -p).

Definition at line 194 of file flowgrind.h.

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